New publication: Common(s)Lab Zine

We are happy to announce the first publication of 2021: the Common(s)Lab Zine, documenting three years of (un)learning between 2018-21! Common(s)Lab is a community project in Schillerkiez, Berlin-Neukölln and was initiated at the end of 2017. It was conceived as an emancipatory space to explore and foster more communal, convivial and caring ways of living, thinking and acting together. The zine outlines the various formats and methods that were adopted over the past three years and brings together an array of resources and instructions — which emerged and evolved thanks to the many people who became part of Common(s)Lab — that might serve as an inspiration and resource for similar projects or activities wherever you are.

For now, it is only available digitally as a free download file here, but we are planning to organise a live-printing and DIY-bookbinding event at Common(s)Lab itself as soon as the pandemic allows us to do so safely! Stay tuned…