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New publication: Alps 2060 – a community futuring tool

A new publication in the Alpine Community Economies Laboratory series is out. This issue presents a workshop format developed to engage people in visionary and trans­formative ways to approach the various issues of regional development in the Alps.

The workshop format aims to bring together citizens, policy mak­ers, local administra­tors and researchers to envision desirable eco­logically and socially just futures, starting from the area that they live in. The workshop works to unearth desires, connect people and make visible what is already possible (and maybe even already happening) today that can move us towards desirable futures. The workshop supports actors in formulating together a bigger vision of what kinds of futures they might want to con­struct, while also breaking this bigger vision down into the various elements that compose it, thus supporting immediate transformative action.

It has been developed and tested in the Vallagarina Valley in the Italian Alps between 2019 and 2020 and is part of the Alpine Community Economies Laboratory research project. The publication is available for free download here. Enjoy!