OLD News

AoA at Homo Novus International Festival of Contemporary Theatre in Rigahn-logo-01
AoA and all of our book’s contributors were invited to curate the program of the closing night of an international theatre festival in Riga, Homo Novus, together with the organisation Cape Farewell. The festival runs throughout fall between 9.9.-12.11.2016.Frauke Hehl (workstation e.V.) confirmed to come to talk about her work, and Alekos Pantazis (P2P foundation, representing Michel Bauwens) will join us to talk about the Commons and their meaning. One of the book’s editors will also be there to talk about its ideas as a whole and to run a world café workshop together with Alekos, who is also an experienced educator with a special interest in informal education.

A proposal for Europe

You might have heard of the transnational idea challenge ‘Advocate Europe‘ where civil society actors can propose ideas that strengthen connection and cohesion in Europe. We applied with a proposal called B.R.E.A.D. (Baked with Refugees – Experiments in Autonomy and Diversity). To get up into a shortlist of 50 proposals of which a jury will select up to 12 winners, we would be more than happy about your support! This is our project pitch:
B.R.E.A.D. brings together refugees and locals to co-create new livelihoods through experimental breadmaking. B.R.E.A.D. is a ‘reverse’ journey across Europe, from Stockholm to Athens, on a truck with a pop-up bakery run by a multidisciplinary team partnering with local bread makers and refugee support groups. We will co-develop prototypes, collaborative bakeries and enterprises through workshops and events. Stories and recipes are collected along the journey to build an inspirational platform.
If you’d like to support us, you just need to register here, and then you can vote for our project by following this support-link and clicking the blue support button on the right: https://advocate-europe.eu/en/idea-space#!/r/advocate-europe/2016/proposal_0000452.
Also, feel free to forward and promote our project proposal amongst your friends and networks – thanks in any case for your time and possible support!


AoA at the Action4Change-conference in Berlin, 6./7.11.2015

We will be present at the ACTION4CHANGE‬ – conference, taking place this weekend 6th/7th of November 2015 at Wikimedia Deutschland in Berlin. Lots of great people and organizations plus a great program – come by and meet us at the Incubator Market!

First Berlin launch of our book @ Raum B bookshop, 1.10.2015

raum b
Welcome to the first Berlin presentation of our book at the international bookshop Raum B in Neukölln. We will have two of the editors presenting the journey of the book and some talks to discuss the diverse topics of the book together with the audience and some of the contributors. More details here – we would be happy if you join us!

Our first book Agents of Alternatives – Re-designing Our Realities is now published and ready for distribution


Agents of Alternatives – Re-designing Our Realities is an independently published open book exploring the visions, actions, tools and impacts of change agents, thinkers and ‘happeners’ (those who make things happen!). It shows the creative processes and tools for designing positive societal transitions. These transitions are revealed by showing the new hybrid relationships being forged between alternative approaches to learning, living, making, socialising, thinking and working.

Agents of Alternatives enables professionals, amateurs and citizens to understand the rich possibilities of creating and designing together in open, participatory and imaginative ways. It provides an integrated and systemic collection of case studies, essays and interviews from well-known international contributors and local activists, collated by an international team of editors.

Find more info here