At current, the team consists of three members who make up the board of AoA as a non-profit organisation. We are seeking to build an editorial board to complement our work. Team members are, in alphabetical order:

Alastair Fuad-Luke (UK/IT), is a sustainable design facilitator, educator, writer, researcher and activist and Professor of Design Research at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. His books include Agents ofAlternatives (co-edited), Design Activism and The Ecodesign Handbook. Present inquiries are focusing on dissonant design, design f(r)ictions, disrupting fashion modes and practice, through Mode Uncut, and the role of design in alternative agri-cultures.

Katharina Moebus (DE/FIN) is an interdisciplinary designer working at the crossroads of design, research, art, and activism. Her research interests include commoning practices, diverse economies, Do-it-together (DIT)-culture, civic participation, and peer-to-peer pedagogy. She is co-founder of the neighbourhood project Common(s)Lab in Berlin-Neukölln (together with Melissa, s.b.) and chairwoman of AoA. Currently, she pursues a practice-based PhD at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture.

Melissa Harrison (NZ/DE) is a Berlin-based PhD researcher (NTUA School of Architecture) working transversally across socio-political urban issues, critical spatial practice, and transformative pedagogies. Her research and practice explore common(ing) space: sharing, (un)making and (un)learning the city. Amongst other things, she is a co-initiator and organiser of Common(s)Lab; member of the Common Grounds association/Commons Evening School (Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin-Kreuzberg); and board member of AoA Berlin.