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New publication: Spaces of Common

This interview reader is the second in a row of a series published along the way of the practice-based design research project ‘Economies of Commoning’, which sets out to explore practices, value systems and economies that are based on the commons and taking shape as spaces of dissensus in the urban context. Continue reading

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New publication out now: Field Explorations

Field Explorations reveals how designers, artists and other creative practitioners examine redundant, dominant, existing and emergent agri-cultures. Posting critical questions confronting the modus operandi of global agribusiness, its monocultures and extractivist credo, the contributors explore how we can make new relations of mutuality with other living beings and systems through practicing agriculture differently.

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Designing with(in) a community: Sharing insights gained through practice

Essay by Malin Bäckman, published in Agents of Alternatives – Re-designing Our Realities (AoA Berlin, 2015)

I wanted to gain understanding of how to involve residents of a neighbourhood in a design process through a series of initiatives, referred to as ‘explorations’. These explorations were carried out between October 2011 and August 2012 in Kannelmäki, a suburban area of Helsinki, and formed part of my Master’s Thesis at the Creative Sustainability programme, at Aalto University.  Continue reading


Learning by doing – the transformative power of do-it-together (DIT)

Essay by Katharina Moebus, published in Agents of Alternatives – Re-designing Our Realities (AoA Berlin, 2015)

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. (Aristotle1)

There are certain things you only learn through direct experience. Roughly four years ago, I had the chance to go through an experience which entirely changed the way I look at problems. Continue reading


The joyful experiences of making together

Essay by Anja-Lisa Hirscher, published in Agents of Alternatives – Re-designing Our Realities (AoA Berlin, 2015)

There is an inherent pleasure in making … the sheer enjoyment of making something exist that didn’t exist before, of using one’s own agency, dexterity, feelings and judgment to mould, form, touch, hold and craft physical materials, apart from anticipating the fact of its eventual beauty, uniqueness or usefulness. (E. Dissanaykae)1
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Design activism ’s teleological freedoms as a means to transform our habitus

Essay by Alastair Fuad-Luke, published in: Agents of Alternatives – Re-designing Our Realities (AoA Berlin, 2015)

We have witnessed a ‘social turn’ in design over the last decade that is gathering momentum as existing and new power structures perceive ‘designing’ as a means to achieve their telos, goal directed purpose. I prefer to talk about the ‘socialisation of design(-ing)’, that is, how the ‘field’1 of design is becoming an activity that is not the sole preserve of professionally trained designers as their approaches, methodologies and processes are being adopted by other professionals, professional amateurs (pro-ams) and citizens.2 Continue reading