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New publication: Spaces of Common

This interview reader is the second in a row of a series published along the way of the practice-based design research project ‘Economies of Commoning’, which sets out to explore practices, value systems and economies that are based on the commons and taking shape as spaces of dissensus in the urban context. Continue reading

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New publication out now: Field Explorations

Field Explorations reveals how designers, artists and other creative practitioners examine redundant, dominant, existing and emergent agri-cultures. Posting critical questions confronting the modus operandi of global agribusiness, its monocultures and extractivist credo, the contributors explore how we can make new relations of mutuality with other living beings and systems through practicing agriculture differently.

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June 12-13th 2020: Virtual Commons Conference

Under the title ‘The Commons is Dead. Long Live the Commons!’, this virtual conference will discuss the idea of the commons in relation to the pandemic and digital transformation. Organised by the CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN THE ARTS, SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES, the conference will, according to its website “inspire discussions on the current modes of constructing, reclaiming, and sharing the commons. Continue reading


Corona Futures

For all who want to think further how corona might impact the ways we live together on this planet, today, tomorrow, in a year or even further, this open call might be of interest to you – transformation designer and researcher Lucas Kuster set it up to collect ideas and thoughts from different fields and disciplines in order to reflect further on the current situation and possibly use it in a positive way for more desirable futures. Find more info here: Submission deadline is April 26th 2020.


BEYOND CRISIS online conference 17.-18.4.2020

After the initial conference by the Eco-Social Design MA at Bolzano University has been moved to October 2020 due to the outbreak of the corona pandemic, an online conference will take place additionally on 17.-18.4.2020, to tackle exactly this issue: asking whether the current situation offers an opportunity or a threat for socio-ecological transformation.

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The focus of the 2020 edition of the yearly conference organised by the MA study program Eco-Social Design at the Free University of Bolzano will be ‘Cross-cutting Strategies’. The conference is taking place in October 2020 (postponed from initially April), and there will be an exciting list of guests contributing to the talks and workshops taking place, such as I.L.A. Kollektiv on pathways to solidary post-growth, Armin Bernhard (Obervinschgau/ Mals) & Carolin Holtkamp (Uni Innsbruck) on the strategies for radical change in Mals / Obervinschgau, Saskia HebertAndreas Unteidig and/or Corinna Sy on transformation by design, Extinction Rebellion (Sina Kamala Kaufmann) and/or SolidariTree on protest and progress strategies, the local FFF and Scientists for Future, the Center for Political Beauty or Peng! Collective on political art tools and strategies, Bruno Latour, Harald Welzer or Maja Göpel on transformation theories and strategies and Anna Meroni. Continue reading