Agents of Alternatives (AoA) is a transnational non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support positive societal change amongst citizen, neighbourhoods and communities. Through our work, we aim to connect people with grassroots initiatives while also connecting different initiatives amongst each other. We support the collaboration between citizen activists, policy makers and other actors. Our projects and initiatives can be started in any local neighborhood while being connected to the global community.


We believe in:

New ways of learning: everyone can share their skills and knowledge to encourage individual and collective empowerment, autonomy, resilience and capacity building.

Openness & Collaboration: everyone can participate through low thresholds, open-source models and concepts to inspire and develop ideas together.

Creative citizenship & Change agency: everyone can “re-design” our realities and affect positive individual, collective and societal change.

Liberated and holistic thinking: everyone can develop a critical consciousness by constantly updating and interrogating one’s worldview.


Our goal is to form a space for mutual support and inspiration for active and aspiring “agents of alternatives”: groups and individuals who empower citizen to make use of their change agency, and creatively re-think what a sustainable economy and society may look like.

We promote our mission and values through independent research, publications, workshops, events, and mutual education.