AoA at Homo Novus International Festival of Contemporary Theatre in Riga 

AoA and all of our book’s contributors were invited to curate the program of the closing night of an international theatre festival in Riga, Homo Novus, together with the organisation Cape Farewell. The festival ran throughout fall between 9.9.-12.11.2016.

Frauke Hehl (workstation e.V.) came from Berlin to talk about her work, and Alekos Pantazis (P2P foundation, representing Michel Bauwens) joined us from Tallinn to talk about the Commons and their meaning. One of our book’s editors (Agents of Alternatives – Re-designing Our Realities, 2015) was also there to talk about its ideas as a whole. The presentation marathon was finished with a world café workshop for final reflections and discussions about the festival, the Imagine2020 programme and its main ideas, and possible steps for the future.


Photo credits: Andrejs Strokins