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Conference Social Solidarity Economies & the Commons, Nov. 2018

An interdisciplinary conference of interest entitled ‘Social Solidarity Economies & the Commons: Envisioning sustainable and post-capitalist futures’ will be taking place in Lisbon, Portugal between Nov 21-23rd 2018. 

The conference is guided by an action research strategy and “aims to respond to challenges that have arisen from recent research on forms of shared governance between the state, the market and the third sector, promoted by movements and public policies for the Social Solidarity Economy, as well as criticisms made by some authors.” We are excited to take part to contribute to the discussion to respond some of the questions suggested by the organisers below:

  • How to promote a strong sense of community belonging while preventing the emergence of totalizing visions, ensuring pluralism and promoting democratic deepening?
  • How to promote shared governance strategies between the state, the market and the third sector in which participants can autonomously construct themselves as economic and political subjects?
  • How to promote organizations based on the constitution and / or management of Common Goods (Integral Cooperatives, Ecovillages, associations of users and / or producers, etc.) based on fair, inclusive and participative forms of governance, and integrated into grassroots socioeconomic dynamics?

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